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Welcome to the blog tour for Kate Triumph by Shari Arnold! I want to thank MMSAI Tours for letting me be part of this tour and giving me the chance to read this book. Thank you! Be sure to check out the other tour stops by clicking the banner above and enter the sweet giveaway below!

Kate Triumph
Author: Shari Arnold
Published: 16 October 2014
Age Level: Young Adult
Normal is so overrated. At least that's what seventeen-year-old Kate Triumph tells herself every day. But the truth is she lives in constant fear that someone will discover how not normal she really is. With her startling speed and her unusual ability to heal, Kate believes she's something of a freak.

Then Andrew Shore arrives.

He claims he's her father, sticks around for a few days and leaves her a plane ticket. “Come to Mercer Island,” he says. “Give me a chance to get to know you.” Soon Kate is floundering in a world of new: new address, new car, new high school and, of course, new father. Not to mention Zack, her intriguing new neighbor, who makes her want to abandon her steadfast rule of never allowing anyone to get too close. But when she discovers someone is trying to kill her, life for Kate gets a bit more complicated. And a lot less normal.


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Praise for Kate Triumph
"This book had me rapt from page one and I, quite literally, did not put it down for four straight hours until I was finished reading it." - Emily Liebert, 5 Star Review

"This. Book. Was. Awesome. Writing this review, reliving the book, makes me want to go back and read it again, like right now." - Grace, 5 Star Review

"Suspense, action, superhero powers, romance, great family dynamics and fabulous, quote-worthy lines make this a surprising and thoroughly entertaining read." - Madison, 4 Star Review

Growing up, I used to dream about what it would be like to have a superpower. What kind of superpower did I want most? What power would be really tough to have? Then there was the question of what would it be like to have more than one? Well, Kate Triumph has two and they cause her a lot of trouble.

Being such a fan of superheroes in general, I was really interested in reading Kate Triumph. I mean, I didn't know if it would be a superhero book at all, but having special powers is a pretty cool idea, one which totally piques my interest. When I found out it was mostly set in Washington state, I was sold! Any chance I can get to return to Washington, even if it's within the pages of a book, I'll take!

Those who know me know I'm a character-driven reader. If I can connect to or feel something about the character(s), I'm a happy reader. Luckily for me, I found some characters worth caring about in Kate Triumph. So how about those characters, huh? First and foremost, there's Kate. She quiet, best friends with her mom and has a passion for running. She also has a cool cat, Lefty, and some pretty awesome powers: speed and super healing! Being an avid runner - and running for her high school - can be a problem, but she's pretty good at keeping herself in check and monitoring her speed around others. The healing power, on the other hand, is really what causes the issues for her. How do you explain to someone who saw you get in a massive car accident that you healed unnaturally fast? That's what happens to Kate. Whilst coming back from a track meet in Seattle, Kate and her mother get in a horrible accident. Kate survived, but her mother lost her life, forever changing Kate's. Starting off in such a high octane way was quite the smart move for author Shari Arnold. It really captured my attention and made me wonder if it was truly an accident or something more nefarious.

Along with Kate, we are introduced to other characters, one of which even has some chapters told from his point of view. The Jonah chapters were unexpected at first, but then I found myself wondering what his story was. I was a little confused when he basically disappears for most of the novel, only to reappear at the very end. I can see that was a way to create a cliffhanger and get the reader interested in picking up book two, which is what happened for me, but it also made me a little frustrated. After Kate's mom dies, she goes to live with her father, Andrew. The introduction of him also lets us meet his neighbors, Zack and Brandon. I could tell there had to be more the story of these three guys, so I was excited to learn of that. I liked watching Kate's interaction with the new men in her life and how it helped her come out of her shell a little more. She's a very standoffish type of person - not surprising, considering the huge secrets she has to carry around - so it was lovely to see these people get under her skin and open up her heart. For someone who has lost so much, I really wanted Kate to find happiness. Unfortunately for her, there are others who have far less pleasant plans for our girl Kate.

There are some pretty awesome action scenes in this book! One is a chase scene, which was really fun for me to read, and I found myself wanting more of that kind of adrenaline rush. This novel could be categorized as a superhero book, but I really feel like its main focus is this girl and how she copes with so many huge, difficult changes. As the reader, it was lovely to see the range of emotions that Kate experiences. To me, it's a testament to the author that she is able to evoke such strong emotions from her readers. Kate experiences some truly sad and terrifying ordeals, all of which we're able to see and feel. That's pretty awesome. Though the emotional aspect of the novel was really well written, I felt like there were some pacing issues. Some of the plot lines seemed a little everywhere, but that could just be me being confused.

Overall, Kate Triumph is an engaging, action packed, emotional and, yes, even romantic read. The characters will steal your heart and the setting of beautiful Washington state adds to the magic they create. If you're looking for a fun read, check out Kate Triumph!

Shari Arnold grew up in California and Utah but now resides in Connecticut, with her husband and two kids, where she finds it difficult to trust a beach without waves. She writes Young Adult fiction because it's her favorite. And occasionally she takes photographs.

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Greetings to all you lovely people out there! I'm sure you've noticed that things have been very quiet at She Dreams in Fiction the last few months. There have been some significant life events that have occurred, some of which have been quite rough. They have made it difficult for me to not only blog, but even want to read. That's right. Not only have I not blogged in a while, I haven't read! This is most unlike me, I can assure you. It's been tough, but things are starting to slowly improve, so that's good. I want to thank everyone for hanging around and being so patient with me. I truly appreciate you and I hope that we'll be able to continue this upward movement! Tallyho!

One thing I'm super happy about might be a smidge apparent... I have a new blog design! Yay! Stephanie over at New Chapter Designs has done an amazing job transforming She Dreams in Fiction into a whimsical, fun design that I couldn't be more excited about. I came to her with very vague ideas about what I was looking for (like I knew what colors I wanted, kind of vague) and Stephanie came up with what you see now. How she was able to know exactly what I wanted before I knew it myself, I'll never know, but it is a testament to her massive skills. Thank you Stephanie! You're a rock star!

Another awesome thing is we recently got 300 followers on Bloglovin'! That is freakin' awesome, you guys. I couldn't be more happy to have so many people interested in reading what I have to say. Not only that, but we reached that milestone during my hiatus! So, THANK YOU! I love you all!

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A is for Abstinence
by Kelly Oram

Six-time Grammy Award wining musician Kyle Hamilton has it all—money, fame, talent, good looks, and a job he loves. His only regret in life: walking away from a certain notorious virgin because he was too prideful, stubborn, and even afraid to give her the only thing she asked of him—his abstinence.

Four years and a broken heart later, Kyle realizes that sex isn’t everything, and he suddenly can’t stop thinking about the girl that got away. Virgin Val Jensen got under is skin like no one else ever has. He wasn’t ready for her then, but things are different now. He’s grown up, he’s learned a few things, and he’s finally figured out exactly what he wants, or, rather, who he wants.

Kyle Hamilton wants a do-over, and this time he’s willing to do—or not do—whatever it takes.

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