March Reading Challenge Wrap-Up

I gave myself a reading schedule in March. With the exception of finishing one book a few days ago instead of on the 31st of March, I completed my schedule! I think I might have to to this more often. So how did I do in March? Let's see, shall we?!

I was able to complete two more books in my TBR pile! Not a ton of books, granted, but I'm still very excited. Which two did I read in March? Here they are (click the cover for more information about the book):

I might have cheated a little bit with Stolen. It was our book club pick last month, so I read it for that. BUT I did have the book on my TBR list prior to the book club even existing, so it counts for this challenge as well. Yay! Austenland was one I had started in February, but finished in March. It was so funny, as was to be expected from Shannon Hale.

The mini-challenge for March was hosted by Justin of Justin's Book Blog and he asked us to share a photo of our favorite shelf... out of all our bookshelves. This was tough, as I love all my books so very much. In the end, I went with the shelf that contained two of my all-time favorite authors, Maggie Stiefvater & J. R. R. Tolkien. Besides, I just got ALL of my Maggie books signed, so I simply had to choose this shelf. I'm so happy! Here's my (crap phone shot) image:

I haven't read any books for the new challenge I joined, the Don't Let it End Challenge. This reading challenge focuses on those book that are the end of a series. There are A LOT of series-ending books coming out this year and I definitely have a few on my shelf already. Here's to hoping I get those read, too!

As for non-reading challenge books, I was able to finish one:

Anthem for Jackson Dawes was a book I received as part of the Book Depository review program. I even got my review done... and on time, too! This whole making a schedule thing rocks, you guys. I'm not a very disciplined reader otherwise. I wonder if the schedule thing would work for blogging/reviewing, too? Hmm....

So that's my reading progress so far. I've read a total of 10 books so far this year, making me 3 books ahead of my planned 30 (according to Goodreads). I think it's going to be a good reading year, guys!

OH! Also, I had a thought. Would it make sense to do more of a "month in review" type post instead of these reading challenge wrap-ups? I mean, if I switched it to that, I could focus not only on what I've accomplished for the challenges, but also what I've received, what I'm currently reading, events I have coming up/currently up, etc. Does that make sense and would it be interesting or better? Just a thought. Thanks! Hee hee.

Happy reading, all!


  1. Wow the books look promising! I have so many TBR too, both ebook and actual books and it's hard to keep up. Sometimes I pressure myself with deadlines but that defeats the purpose of enjoying the story and relaxing!


    1. This is true. I'm trying to be better with scheduling my time, but I don't want it to feel like a chore. Reading should definitely be an escape!


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