Top Ten Tuesday (19): Authors I Think Deserve More Recognition

This week's topic is Top Ten Authors Who Deserve More Recognition. I was having some difficulty finding my ten this week. I'm sure some authors I mention will be authors you guys are all, "What are you talking about? They're super popular!" Who knows. But some of these authors are JUST THAT GOOD that everyone should know and love them! So before I over-think this, I've decided I'm going to share authors that I love, but I don't hear talked about nearly enough in this big ol' world.

Here goes nothing!

1. Jeri Smith-Ready - I adore this woman. Not only is she an amazing author, with some serious word-weaving skills, she's an incredible person with a killer taste in music. She's always there for her fans and she definitely knows how to have fun. Then lets talk about her books. Her books! I've read her YA series, the Shade trilogy, numerous times. She is able to write such wonderful, real characters. You feel as though you know them, they're so real. I love that! I love being a card-carrying member of her fandom, too. Yay Team Kilt!
Books I've read: Shade, Shift, Shine, Bridge (novella), Wicked Game

2. Louise Rennison -This woman is hilarious, you guys. Hilarious! So much fun and quirkiness. I love her books! She makes me want to hang out with my ace gang and dance like a loon... just like Georgia and Tallulah. Oh the hilarity!
Books I've Read: All ten books in the Georgia Nicholson series, Withering Tights

3. Juliet Marillier - Her writing is beautiful, guys. Stunning! I haven't read all of her books yet (she has tons!), but the ones I have, I can't recommend enough. They all simply take my breath away and I think everyone should read them. Right now!
Books I've Read: Daughter of the Forest, Son of the Shadows, Child of the Prophecy, Wolfskin, Foxmask

4. Suzanne Young - This author is one I actually do hear a fair amount about nowadays (especially since the release of The Program), but it's all mainly in our YA book blogging world. I think more people should be in the Suzanne Young Fan Club. She's amazing! (P.S. for Phoenix area readers, she's going to be at Changing Hands bookstore with CJ Hill and Aprilynne Pike on July 29th! Yay for amazing local authors!)
Books I've Read: A Need So Beautiful, (just started) The Program

5. Shannon Hale - This is another author that probably gets a lot of recognition already (I mean, she's a Newbery-winning author and Austenland is now a movie), but I think she can never get enough. All of her books are fantastic, well-written and books that really root themselves into your being. She does it all - YA, MG, Adult fiction - and she does it SO WELL! Seriously... never enough recognition.
Books I've read: The Goose Girl, Enna Burning, River Secrets, Book of a Thousand Days, Princess Academy, Austenland, Midnight in Austenland, The Actor and the Housewife, Rapunzel's Revenge

6. Beth Revis - Beth is definitely an author to watch out for. She's simply fantastic! I've never been one to be interested in sci-fi, but Beth made me change my mind a bit. Her writing style is engaging and her world-building is out of this world... haha! Literally! Ahem. But seriously, Beth is a great author and I think more people should fall in love with her stories.
Books I've read: Across the Universe, A Million Suns, As They Slip Away (novella)

7. Lisa McMann - Another stellar local author. I loved her Dream Catcher trilogy, but I think my favorite is her middle-grade novel, The Unwanteds. I don't think this great author gets enough attention from the rest of the reading world. Time to change that, don't you think?
Books I've read: Wake, Fade, Gone, The Unwanteds

8. Aimee Carter - I'm such a sucker for mythology and I definitely enjoy a good retelling. Aimee Carter totally sold me on Hades with this series of hers! I haven't read the third book yet, but the first two were so good! I can't wait to see what she comes up with next!
Books I've read: The Goddess Test, The Goddess Hunt (novella), Goddess Interrupted

9. Patricia C. Wrede - This author is one of my favorites since high school. I was totally sucked in to her Enchanted Forest Chronicles series, I had to go right out and read all her other books. Some of them were out of print at the time, so I went eBay hunting. I simply couldn't get enough! I haven't read one of her books in a while, but I still remember how amazing they are. I think this is an author everybody should have on their shelves.
Books I've read: All four books in the Enchanted Forest Chronicles, Sorcery and Cecelia, The Grand Tour, Snow White and Rose Red, Mairelon the Magician, Magician's Ward, Book of Enchantments, all five Lyra books

and no list of mine would be complete without...

10. Maggie Stiefvater - It still shocks me that there are readers out there who have never heard of Maggie. Totally surprises me! Because I love her books so much, I just assume everybody else does too. Maggie can never get too much recognition, in my opinion... and I don't believe I shall ever think differently. So read her books if you have yet to do so... read them now!
Books I've Read: Shiver, Linger, Forever, Lament, Ballad, The Scorpio Races, The Raven Boys

Which authors do you feel don't get enough recognition for their awesomeness?!

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  1. Louise Rennison's books are so fun. I was just thinking I need to pick up Austenland. The movie looks pretty cute. Great list!
    Natflix&Books' TTT

    1. The movie for Austenland does look cute! I really hope I get to see it! And really, you can't go wrong with Louise Rennison. You just can't!

  2. I so agree with you about Beth Revis. I'm about to start reading "A Million Suns", and I'm so excited as I have no idea what's going to happen next. :)

    1. Oh my word, A Million Suns is SO GOOD! I was on the edge of my seat nearly the whole time!

  3. I have a lot of these on my TBR! I love Lisa McMann! I read her Dream Catcher books and loved them. Great list!

    1. Yay! I hope you're able to read these authors soon. They're all so talented!

  4. The Scorpio Races was an amazing book! One of my favorites. Everyone should read it. :) You have a lot of the other books I haven't read on your list but are on my TBR pile.

    1. Oh Oh my goodness, I love that book! I want to listen to the audiobook on my commute so bad!

  5. Louise Rennison made my list too! Her books are so laugh-out-loud hilarious. Everyone needs to read Georgia Nicolson!

    Bekka @ Pretty Deadly Reviews
    My TTT

    1. I couldn't agree more! I recommend that series all the time at work. Hee hee. Yay for working with teen books!

  6. I almost included Juliet Marillier in my list as well. I love her books! I have a few of these in my TBR now including Beth Revis's third book in her series and Stiefvater's whole werewolf trilogy.

    1. Juliet has a gift. Simple as that. I still need to read the third book in Beth's series, too. And definitely read Maggie. Read them all! :)

  7. I would say Michelle Davidson Argyle as all her books are completely unique yet filled with wonderful writing, characters and plots. Definitely have to recommend her to everyone.

    1. I'll have to check her out! Thanks for the recommendation!:)


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