Top Ten Tuesday (24): Things That Make My Life As a Reader/Book Blogger Easier

The topic this week is Top Ten Things That Make Your Life As A Reader/Book Blogger Easier. I was going to try to focus on just reading or just blogging about books, but then I wasn't so sure I could think of ten things. I might not make it to ten with both of them! Hee hee.

Here are ten things that make reading and blogging a little bit more simple:

1. Goodreads - I have no idea what I'd do without Goodreads. It's so excellent at keeping everything organized! I use it a lot as both a reader and a blogger... and at work, too! Indispensable.

2. Book Depository - I wouldn't be able to have all the international giveaways I have without the awesome free worldwide shipping!

3. Bookmarks - I have a serious love for bookmarks. My current favorite is a cute little monster magnetic bookmark. Did that even make sense? Meh. Anyway, bookmarks are essential for any reader who can't seem to fold down a page corner *gasp!*... like myself.

4. Notepads - I have notepads everywhere, I swear. I always carry one in my bag. I have one in the living room and beside my bed and even on my sorting table at work! I never know when I'm going to come across a book quote I want to save or when I remember something I'd like to add to a post or whatever. I also take notes when I finish a book so I can get my initial thoughts written down before I forget. I couldn't live without notebooks.

5. Having a co-blogger - Oh my goodness, Naomi has helped so much! I was feeling like the worst blogger in the world - what with not posting as often as I would like - so having Naomi share the posting load has been a real blessing. She's also had some stellar ideas for the blog and her reviews rock. It's definitely nice to see a different perspective represented here, too. I'm so lucky to be able to share my love of books and blogging with my best friend! Thanks Nomi!

6. A good reading space - Really, for a bookworm, this might be the most important thing. If I'm not in a comfy spot, if it's too loud or busy or what have you, I have difficulty reading. I try to read during my lunch breaks, but sometimes there are too many people and I can't focus on what I'm reading. Strange that I find it hard to read in a bookstore, huh? Anyway, a good reading spot is essential, in my opinion.

7. Other book bloggers - I have been really fortunate in that I've had nothing but excellent experiences in the book blogging universe. Our community is so willing to help and share. I simply love reading everybody's posts and getting excited about books along with everyone else. The community is actually what inspired me to start my own blog; I was a book blog reader before I became one myself.

8. An image editing program thing - I used to have Photoshop on my old laptop, but that was before it completely crashed. When that computer died, I lost the program, so I had to figure out something else. Something I could afford. Thank goodness for the free program, Paint.NET, or I'd be super sad! Any images I've made on this blog were made with that program. I use it ALL THE TIME!

9. Rafflecopter - Oh my goodness, I love Rafflecopter. It's so easy to set up, use and select winners! One of the best things ever made, I tell you.

10. Google calendar - This has been a great tool, once I realized it existed. It really helps keep me organized. It's even more helpful now that there's another blogger on She Dreams in Fiction! We can schedule when we want to post something, so we have them more spread out instead of right on top of each other.

So what have you found that helps you as a reader and/or a book blogger? Any suggestions that might make things a little easier? Share in the comments below!

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  1. Great list! I couldn't blog without Goodreads! I also love chatting to other book bloggers.

  2. I love bookmarks, they're on my list too. My friend bought me this gorgeous handmade metal one with a butterfly charm - I must find it!

    Here's my TTT.



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