Top Ten Tuesday (34): Covers I Wish I Could Redesign

The topic this week is Top Ten Covers I Wish I Could Redesign. So, I have a love/hate relationship with covers. Some are so hideous, and so wrong, I can't believe they were ever printed. Others are redesigns that I just... I just don't understand why they would do it. There are those that are just hard to look at and those that don't fit the story at all. I'll admit that I am one of those people who judge a book by its cover. Well, maybe not judge a book by the cover, but I have been known to pass on books with covers that just don't speak to me. Likewise, if a book has a really interesting cover, I'll at least pick it up to read what it's about. Love them or hate them, covers can play a huge part in pulling readers in or pushing them away.

So which covers would I love to see redesigned? Check them out below (in no particular order):

1. Wolfsbane and Bloodrose by Andrea Cremer - These just look really lame and awkward...

2. Delirium, Pandemonium and Requiem by Lauren Oliver - I really  liked the original cover for Delirium, but then they changed it? And made the next two covers match that change? Why? I don't like covers with visible and/or close up faces on them in the first place, but these? And what is up with the potpourri?!

3. Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi - I wasn't overly fond of the original cover, but this one just creeps me out. And not only that, they continue this new theme for the rest of the books, too! One single eye, regardless of how pretty the colors and designs around said eye may be, is creepy. Like Hocus-Pocus-evil-spell-book creepy. Shivers abound.

4. Every single Vampire Academy and Bloodlines series (by Richelle Mead) book - I just can't stand them. I can't. I really don't like to see faces on my books; I'd rather imagine how the characters look for myself, thank you. I read the first book after an extreme amount of begging from a friend, but it was hard to look past that horrid cover. And I still think the model on Vampire Academy looks like a young Angelina Jolie.

5. Starters by Lissa Price - I have yet to read this book and it is absolutely because I hate this cover. It looks cheap, lame and really kind of creepy. Can't. Stand. It.

6. Poison by Molly Cochran - Am I the only person that thinks Peter's head looks weird and misshapen? Like it was cropped poorly or something? It drives me crazy!

7. Gated by Amy Christine Parker - I can't look at this one for very long. The bright white and blue eye just throws off the entire thing. Easy with the photoshop, man.

8. Across the Universe and A Million Suns by Beth Revis - These redesigns are on this list simply because they hurt my heart. I mean, I don't really have anything against them on their own, but the original ones were so breathtakingly gorgeous! Not to mention, Shades of Earth doesn't match my beautiful signed hardcover copies of Across the Universe and A Million Suns that I love to bits. Why? Why did this change have to happen at all? Also, does anybody else think the new covers look like the old Artemis Fowl covers for books one and two? Because I do. Just sayin'...

9. City of Fallen Angels by Cassandra Clare - I don't really mind the first three covers, but this one... what the heck is up with the bright, glowing green eyes? I don't want to see her whole face, let alone her alien eyes. Sheesh.

10. Sisters Red and Sweetly by Jackson Pearce - For this one, I thought I'd share the images for the old covers (left) and the new ones (right). The old covers are SO FANTASTIC! The graphics rock, the colors pop and they're just freakin' cool! Especially Sisters Red. Why in the world would they change them to these generic images? Granted, I like keys, but seriously? Seriously?! I don't care if the new covers match Fathomless and Cold Spell, I love the old cover styles best.

Bonus Cover Beef: I can't stand any movie tie-in covers. Why do these need to exist? Are you really trying that hard to ruin the images my mind would rather make? I mean, honestly! Gah!

Are there any covers that make you cringe? Any reprints that leave you feeling betrayed? What about covers that are ridiculously wrong or misleading for the story inside? Share your cover disappointments below!

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  1. Great list! I completely agree with all. I am so glad everyone else sees that the VA girl looks almost identical to Angelina Jolie in her Girl Interrupted years! I have put off reading that series for so long now just because I don't like the covers. My TTT.

  2. I totally forgot about Starters, it's so creepy I don't ever want to read this book and I don't care what's it about! And the cover of the second book in series is ugly too. I also don't like covers of Richelle Mead's books, but I think Georgina Kincaid series is the worst.

  3. I agree with you on everything!!!

    Check out Our TTT

    Doris @ OABR

  4. Right! The original cover for Delirium was a winner. I didn't care for the new covers either :(


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