It's the End of the Month As We Know It: February 2014

Hey you guys! This wrap-up is quite overdo... oops! Sorry about that! Better late than never though, right? You may have noticed a little bit of a change here on She Dreams in Fiction. Well, maybe it's not such a little change, but anyway. I changed up the layout and design of the blog! It took me a while to come up with something I liked well enough to actually apply it, but I think it's nice. I wanted something a little easier to maneuver around and something that looked a bit more clean. I don't know that I'm 100% happy with the header design, but I think I do like the rest. Share your thoughts below!

Other than a different look for the blog, I've been busy reading and trying to get those reviews written. I have a tendency to write notes on random bits of paper when I finish a book, which has proven to be dangerous. I lost my review notes for Mister Max: The Book of Lost Things for ages! I am happy to say, I finally found them and that was the first review I posted for the month. I have since learned my lesson and I now carry a notebook with me wherever I go. Just in case. So what else have I been up to besides being a total space-cadet? Let me show you!

Reviews Done
(Click on the cover to go to the review!)

Last month I got four reviews done, this month I wrote up five! Crazy! Crazy, but super exciting. Woo hoo!
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