It's Alive!

Greetings my lovelies!

I have been made aware that my unexpected hiatus from blogging was much more extended than I originally thought. There have been a lot of changes in my life, good and bad, that I had to work through and get used to, making it that much more difficult to read and blog. I have lost people and pets, gained a second job (and a 6 day work week), suffered heartbreak, discovered my social side, had health issues, adopted an orphaned cat, etc etc. BUT I think I'm once again in a good place to start anew and get back into this wonderful world of book blogging! I have really missed all of this so much and I am insanely happy to get started again.

To celebrate my return, I've decided to hold a giveaway! This is mostly a way to thank all those who have stuck around whilst I did my great disappearing act. I mean, I have been reading and using social media periodically, but still. I'm sorry for that disappearing thing...

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